About Me

Graphic Design Specialist since 2008. I am a UI designer, graphic artist, and front-end developer. I believe that design is first and foremost a job of solving problems. Everything after that is yummy, aesthetically pleasing icing on the cake.

In 2008 I started my own company, a design and marketing consultancy specializing in exciting and engaging experiences through web & print media, branding, and various marketing campaigns. I work with a wide range of clients, including local non-profits.

In 2013 I constructed a "Creative Computing Production" workshop to teach technical and non-technical users how to develop methodologies in fundamental digital graphic technologies.

Pun for the road? I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

UI, UX, Graphics, Branding


By taking a user-focused design approach, Guidance was built to provide a new way to research relevant OPDP/DDMAC warning and untitled letters in one quick and easy search. This application enables users to reduce risk, be more effective in pharmaceutical advertising, and know that their materials are compliant with the FDA's current thinking.

Experience Design Process

Guidance was initially built with regulatory users in mind. It then became apparent that students, lawyers, and advertising agencies would use the application as well. A major goal through this design process was to focus on making data access and information as intuitive and simple as possible. We worked through a range of user experience activities with the client and users to help facilitate this goal.


Ranging from low-tech daily users searching for one topic (or specific letter) to decision-makers searching for fine-grain data, tagging and saving their progress, the personas helped develop several workflows.


To help understand the potential workflows users might take, sketches were used to help quickly iterate different directions with the client.


Static and interactive wireframes were built to allow the client and stakeholders to work through the application before any production code was written.

Marketing the Application

Creating an elegant and informative marketing presence was an important part of selling the application. The marketing site aimed to showcase the product less as a software product and more as a beautiful tool for regulatory and other day-today users.

Guidance Website Overview